About Us

I have been a hairdresser along with my husband for over twenty years, we have two salons, one in Hinckley and the other in Lutterworth. I have been styling hairpieces and wigs for over ten years. I have attended numerous training courses including Trevor Sorbie hair courses and spent time training in America. When I undertake a fitting and styling I make sure that you are comfortable with your fitting, that it cannot visibly seen to be a wig or hairpiece and that you are a 100% happy. 

 When you contact me I can arrange to come and see you at your home or you can visit my studio in Lutterworth, in Bank Street. I can show you the wide range of colours, styles and makes and help you to choose a style that will suit you. 

Once you're wig or hairpiece has been ordered and delivered I will style the wig or hairpiece to your individuality. Quite often people say to me that the reaction they get from friends is 'I really like your new hair style', and with my help I can change the style and cut, so as your hair grows back the style will match your natural hair. Our range of wigs includes 'comfort' wigs which have been specially designed for those who are receiving treatment and may have increased sensitivity.

                             'it's a perfect fit and looks so natural'

My Studio
My studio is to the left of 'Crop Shop' in Bank Street, Lutterworth a quiet street with available parking very close by. In this photograph you can see our salon with the large downstairs windows, just past the double gateway is a door, and this is the entrance to my private studio.

Our Telephone Numbers
You can contact me by calling 01455 559101 and ask to speak to Virginia or Dean my husband, or you can call our mobile 07932 620344 which is only answered by Dean or myself. If you would like me to contact you at a time convenient to you please email me your details through the contact page.

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